What’s the Open-Cell

What’s the Open-Cell

1, The popular explanation:
The Open Cell was used in LCM, LCD industry, mainly refers to the panel factory will complete the Cell panel assembly, but did not complete the LCM assembly of finished products
2, Professional explanation:
Shipment is part of the medium and small size of the panel to Open the Cell is given priority to, and to the module factory assembled, and now due to have their own LCM panel factory factory, so many shipment is given priority to, in the form of panel module corresponding to the customer request, however, part of the panel factory is a large size of the Open Cell to the customer.In general, TFT LCD panel process can be divided into the first Array, Cell in middle and later period of LCM module process, including Array period of similar process and semiconductor process, its main will thin film transistor on the glass, including film, yellow light, etching, light resistance and other process.And Cell process is mainly a glass in the front TFT Array substrate, let the color filter with the union, and perfusion liquid crystal on the glass substrate, and then cut into the required size.After a period of LCM process by cutting good Cell paragraph panel, with other elements such as backlight module, circuit board, frame assembly is completed, and then can be foreign to the liquid crystal display terminal factory assembly of the machine.

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