What’s LCM

What’s LCM

1, The popular explanation:
LCM is refers to the liquid crystal module, usually including LCD display driver circuit, interface circuit, etc.Often made in the form of a module.
2, Professional explanation:
LCM (LCD Module), LCD display Module, LCD Module.Refers to the liquid crystal display device, fittings, control and drive the peripheral circuit, such as PCB, back light, components assembly components together.LCM include LCD screen, the iron box, hob, PCB circuit boards, drive IC, IC control, backlight, etc, which have hard packaging IC encapsulation way, COB dependend, TAB the IC encapsulation on film lines, COF package IC fixed flexible circuit board quality.Also have an IC fixed directly call COG on LCD glass, etc.LCM generally include backlighting (CCFL), and drive circuit.

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