What is the PID

What is the PID

1, The popular explanation:
PID is an important parameter in control system, control mode, refers to the response of between output and input, English letters PID.
2, Professional explanation:
In engineering practice, the regulator control rule of the most widely used for proportional, integral and differential control, hereinafter referred to as PID control, also known as PID regulation.Advent of PID controller has been nearly 70 years history, it with its simple structure, good stability, reliable operation, easy to adjust and become one of the main technology of industrial control.When the structure and parameters of the controlled object is not fully grasp, or not precise mathematical model, the control theory of other technology is difficult to use, the structure and parameters of system controller must depend on experience and on-site commissioning to determine, then the application of PID control technology is the most convenient.When we don’t fully understand a system and the controlled object, or cannot obtain system parameters through effective measures, the most suitable for PID control technology.PID control, the practice also have PI and PD control.PID controller is based on the error of the system, the use of proportion, integral, differential calculate the control quantity control.

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