What is the EPD

What is the EPD

What is the EPD

1, The popular explanation:
EPD can also be called “electronic paper”.First, it must have some function of the traditional paper, such as by reflected light reading, but without the background light reading;Second, it must have some function of the electronic publication, at the same time as it can store vast amounts of digital information and reading, etc.
2, Professional explanation:
Electronic Paper, Electronic Paper), hereinafter referred to as ePaper.Is a new type of display, the biggest feature is free to bend, and the paper is very similar, its high colour contrast, high resolution, small power consumption, low manufacturing cost.The development of the electronic paper is to imitate the ink in the real paper.Different from general flat panel display, need to use the backlight light pixels, electronic paper as plain paper can reflect the ambient light.And electronic paper can not add electric power to keep the original image and text.Flexible electronic paper is using the plastic version and plastic organic electronic display back back.

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