Vacuum Laminating Machine(Rigid-Rigid) for Phone/Tablet Repair

Vacuum Laminating Machine(Rigid-Rigid) for Phone/Tablet Repair

真空贴合机Vacuum Laminator
  This machine is used to laminate tempered glass and function glass,TP and LCM,etc.
GLASS TO FILM 、GLASS TO GALSS 、Rigid to Rigid;Machines have high sealing vacuum chamber, high precision mold positioning device, ensure the Laminating accuracy.
No. Item Spec. QTY NOTE
2.1 Panel & Glass Available Size:1-6inch;
Panel Width 0.3mm-2.0mm;
Thickness: 0.2mm-2.0mm Can customized
2.2 OCA Thickness:5-250um

No. Item Spec.
3.1 Flow Process Put the products into Jig,Open vacuum,securely adsorb;
Put the Product with OCA into Fixture to locating
Put the Jig into Cavity,and close,pick up Vacuum,Pressure head Down,and start Laminating;
Laminating Over,Pressure head up,door open ,take out the jig,repetitive work
3.2 Theory capacity 20-25Sec/Pcs
3.3 failure rate ≤0.01%
3.4 Remodel Common Model
3.5 Equipment Installation and debugging Finish Installation within3days,after reach factory

4.Equipment and Unit Parameters
No. Item Spec. QTY NOTE
4.1 Demand Power AC220V 50-60Hz 50-60Hz±10% 50HZ 1KW
4.2 compressed air 1)windpipe color:Black;
2)Pipe diameter:¢8mm ;
3)Working Air Pressur:0.4-0.7Mpa Dry air ;
4)Air comsumption:≈50L/min
4.3 Vacuum Vacuum Controlling Mode: Original high-performance vacuum pump+vacuum generator
Vacuum Power:AC380V Triphase 50-60Hz 1.5KW
Vacuum Windpipe Color:Black
4.4 Equipment’s Color Stoving varnish Surface finished of the rack:Color same as LOGO“SUNSOM”
4.5 Weight About 45 KG In kind prevail
4.6 Overall Dimension L350 × W420 × H450 mm In kind prevail
4.7 Equipment Delivery Status Equipment Surface is clean anddust-free,Bottons all with marking instruction,
4.8 Service Environment Clean,Dust-free,Clean-House
4.9 Platform and Fixture unit Single-Step;
Heating Mode:constant temperature
Thermocouple Mode:K type
Temperature Setting: RT-400℃
Moud Materials:Import 6061
4.10 Control Unit Pressure Gage:Digital Display type ;
Pressure Precision:±0.5%;
4.11 Safety Protect Unit Refer to Part7“Device Safety”
4.12 Vacuum Cavity Unit Materials:6061;
effective volume:Customized
Over-Pressure Protect;Overpressure then Stop air leakage;
Attach Precision:≤±0.04-0.05mm;
Laminate Time:0.1-999s,set 0.1S as unit;
Laminating Precision:X: ±0.15mm Y: ±0.15mm

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