Semi-auto Separate Machine

Semi-auto Separate Machine

Separate Device

   This is machine is used to Repair capacitive touch (3.5-6 inch )OCA,UV Glue,Liquid OCA,etc.which is Bad Laminated(such as :Air Bubble ,Off Position,etc.)

2.Device Layout
2.1 Guide rail sliding block Taiwan HIWIN
2.2 Temperature controller Japan Omron or Japan RKC
2.3 Switch button Japan Helong
2.4 Leakage protector China Zhengtai
2.5 Air switch China Zhengtai
2.6 Electric fuse box China Zhengtai i

3.Equipment Characteristic
(1) Process Flow Power ON;
Press the Heating Button;
Put the sensor on the platform and heat up,adjust motor turning Flatly Move the platform and take down.;
Take out the Panels and next done
(2) Theory of equipment capacity 5-8Sec/Pcs
(3) Equipment failure rate ≤0.01%
(4) Remodel General template
(5) Equipment installation and debugging Assembly within 3days after reach

4.Equipment and unit parameters
(1) The Supply and Demand Power AC220V 50-60Hz 0.5KW
(2) Color Frame surface roasts the paint processing through
(3) Weight About 15KG
(4) Equipment delivery status Equipment clean and dust-free surface, labeled with identification on the action button
(5) Use environmental requirements A clean, dust-free, clean room
(6) Platform Unit Platform Materials:Import Alloy,can OEM
Platform regulation: manual adjustment;
Heating Method:constant temperature heating
Temperature Control:±5°C
Temperature Setting:399°C
Product Fixation:Vac-Sorb+Fixture
Drive Mode:X Adjustable-Speed Motor
Carve-up Speed:0-280∕Min(can adjust)
Cut Tool:blade imported from German

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