COG Bonding Machine

COG Bonding Machine


1.The definition of COG bonding machine :
COG bonding equipment (pre-press) referred to as “bonding machine,” “hot-press”, COG bonding equipment is to determine the IC chip on top of LCD glass finishing and binding equipment, machine controlled by a PLC + HMI composition core products in the completion of the bits and transmitted by the platform after preloading pressure to bind the crimp. Using ACF (Anisotropic conductive adhesive) by pressing the IC bonding directly to the LCD screen. After bonding the entire module is also through FPC (flexible printed circuit board) metal pin and PCB board connector or together. LCD screen, ACF, the driver IC are the three key components of COG.

2.About the application field of COG bonding machine TVG97-A1:
COG bonding equipment (preload) is widely used in a variety of LCD display (LCD), modules (LCM) and large-sized display panel production, assembly, maintenance, production enterprises; such as: mobile phones, laptops, LCD monitors, tablet PCs, LCD / LCM production, assembly, repair enterprises.

3.About the working principle of COG bonding machine TVG97-A1:
The working principle of COG bonding equipment (preload) is make the attached IC 、ACF’s LCD、LCM assembled and bound in the (LCM) module production, maintenance and production process .using the head pressure, head temperature, bonding time, optical alignment system to make IC、 LCD and LCM、ACF glue bound ,so that it can conduct.

4.Basic parameters of TVQ77-A1
Input Power: AC220V 50-60HZ
Vacuum control: vacuum + vacuum generator
Dimensions: L1000 * W1050 * H1475mm (excluding warning lights)
Operating modes: 7-inch HMI
Platform Work: Fixed
Platform Material: high quality Bakelite
Control system (LG-LS): a programmable processor
Pressure gauge: KITA, the number of explicit
Pressure regulator: Japan SMC, precision pressure regulating valve
Pressure accuracy: ± 0.5% full in the degree
Sensitivity: 0.2% full in the degree
Pressure Unit: Kg / N / Mpa / Kpa swap
counterpoint mode: CCD next counterpoint
Platform Work: Fixed
Platform Material: high quality Bakelite
Heating: heating thermostat
Thermocouple: K type
Blade material: 440C
Temperature range: RT-500 ℃

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