What is the electronic paper(E-Paper)

What is the electronic paper(E-Paper)

1, The common Definitions:
Electronic paper can also be called “electronic paper.” First, it must have certain features of traditional media, such as by reflected light reading, rather than relying on the background light reading; Second, it must also have some features of electronic publications, such as can it can store and reading huge amounts of digital information and etc.

2, Professional Definitions:
Electronic paper (Electronic Paper), referred to as ePaper. Is a new type of display, the biggest feature is freely bend, and the paper is very similar to its high color contrast, high resolution, low power consumption, low manufacturing cost. Development of electronic paper is to follow the appearance of ink on a real paper. Unlike flat-panel displays, need to use the backlight to illuminate pixels, electronic paper like paper can reflect ambient light. And you can retain the original electronic paper display images and text without power in the state case. Plastic flexible electronic paper use plastic backplane and plastic organic electronics constitute a display backplane.

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