Laser Repair Machine

Laser Repair Machine

Laser Repair Machine

Laser Repair Machine

1、What’s Laser Repair Machine
Liquid crystal display (LCD), production, assembly, repair, and other enterprises in the process of production for glass internal defects, using laser repair machine laser will short-circuit defect repair, to be put into use, reduce the cost
2、working principle
Laser repair machine is to use after focusing of high power, high density laser beam irradiation on the materials made by illuminate local rapidly melting, evaporation and ablation of materials or reach the ignition point, at the same time with the aid of high-speed airflow and beam coaxial blow molten material, so as to realize the process of laser repair processing.

(1) movement precision=1μ。
(2) spot diameter:5mm。
(3) Z-axis travel =50mm,movement precision min=1μ,Z-axisMax Load=20kg。
(4)R-axis adjust travel Max:±5°Min adjust precision:0.01°。
(5)Rocker gears =4,Corresponding regulation accuracy :1μ、10μ、100μ、1000μ。
(6)Platform Load Max:≤30kg。
(7)Input Power:220V,50Hz
(1)Can choose different wavelengths to cope with a wider range of material cutting
(2)Cut the consistency of good, repeatable cutting. And maintain good consistency。
(3)Intuitive operation, can use the remote control panel LCD menu display panel
(4)Panel on the HI/LO energy level control knob can realize a wide range of precise control, cutting energy while maintaining the best beam performance
(5)Easy installation, without effort to maintain, no poisonous gas

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  1. Hans says:

    pls can this remove lines from a tv,fix shadow on screen and repair broken tvs?And if so how much is it.Thanks.

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